Lauren Hayes (Arizona State University, USA): A Vision Import (2017)

hayes_lauren.jpgArtist: Lauren Hayes (Arizona State University, USA)

Performance Title: A Vision Import (2017)

Instrumentation: Hybrid analogue/digital electronic Programme

Note: This improvisation was formed out of a playful exploration of my most recent hybrid analogue/digital performance system. An excessive number of components mutually affect each other through a network of sound analysis and digital signal processing. Engaging with different parts of the instrument through a game controller, I bring a sense of immediacy into my hands: the slightest movement may trigger a mechanical relay bank, which in turn may active digital processes.

The idea of sound sculpting (Emmerson 2011) suggests an active process of deliberately shaping sonic material through tangible interactions. As a performer, not only do I want to be able to manipulate the material that I create, but I want to be able to feel this sense of the malleability of sound through my audio-tactile interactions, and to be able to sense that I am approaching the thresholds of my electronic processes both with my hands, as well as my ears. The resistances in my performance environments lie within the extreme potential for activity through interconnections within the audio signal path. Yet, the joystick-centred game controller is so easy to move, that musicality comes from resisting this: a movement of even one millimetre can drastically alter the sound.

This work explores improvisation through the enactive framework, placing the performer within an unpredictable and unstable performance ecology, where she participates through mutually affecting relationships with the sound, space, technology, and audience.

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