Suzanne Dikker

Suzanne Dikker

Utrecht University and New York University

Suzanne Dikker's research merges cognitive neuroscience, education, and performance art in an effort to understand the brain basis of human social interaction. Together with media artist Matthias Oostrik and other collaborators from both the sciences and the arts, she uses portable EEG (emotiv) in a series of crowd-sourcing neuroscience experiments / interactive brain installations that investigate the role of brainwave synchronization between two or more people in successful communication.

These experiments are executed outside of traditional laboratory settings, such as schools and museums (e.g. the American Museum of Natural History, the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Eye Institute Amsterdam).

After completing her PhD in Linguistics at New York University, Suzanne received postdoctoral training at the Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology and New York University. She is currently affiliated as a researcher with New York University (Departments of Psychology; Poeppel Lab) and Utrecht University, with support from the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (VENI Award) and the National Science Foundation (NSF-INSPIRE). She further curates the Annual Watermill Art & Science: Insights into Consciousness Workshop.

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