Graduate Trainees

Lindsay Esola

Lindsay L. Esola is a third year PhD Candidate at the Pennsylvania State University. She holds an MS in Art Education and a BA in Psychology which led her to serve as an art therapist for suicidal youth, a behavioral analyst for brain injured adults and an art educator over the past ten years. Her research interest lies in finding out what cultivates creativity within an individual and if creative thinking can be taught within an educational setting. She is currently studying how to implement Experiential Learning models to scaffold a unit plan that enables students to think in a more abstract manner. She will utilize neuroeducational methodologies to generate an understanding of how to construct interdisciplinary connections through art. She has previously studied and remains interested in progesterone and it’s effects on the image processing system, the impact of dopamine on creativity in Parkinson’s patients, artwork as a placebo in medicine, and the concept of creativity being taught in the same dynamic system as language development.

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