Graduate Trainees

Shane Esola

PhD Candidate, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, Drexel University

Shane received his BSME from the University of Miami in 2007 and MSME from Carnegie Mellon University in 2009. Currently, he’s a PhD candidate at Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA) and the senior member of the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics research group. Shane’s research interests include waves in solids, signal processing, nondestructive inspection, damage indicators, and novel sensing networks. He has experience in experimental mechanics (e.g. ballistics, characterization, nondestructive testing) and simulation (e.g. modal analysis, wave propagation). His thesis research is funded by the U.S. Army and seeks to identify vibro-acoustics-based inspection techniques to detect small delaminations in thick, dissipative composites such as hard body armor. As he nears completion of his thesis research, Shane is looking forward to new challenges and multidisciplinary problems like those he observed at MOBI 2016. He hopes to combine his experience in nondestructive testing, signal processing and mechanical design to develop novel sensing techniques with future applications in mobile brain-­body imaging.