Graduate Trainees

Lukas Gehrke

Lukas Gehrke has a background in Cognitive Science from the University of Osnabrueck (Germany) working on the interaction of action and cognition in actively behaving humans. Currently he is enrolled as a PhD student at the Berlin Institute of Technology in Klaus Gramann’s BeMoBIL (Mobile Brain/Body Imaging Lab) and holds a position as a research assistant in the US-German collaboration targeting the “Neural dynamics of human egocentric and allocentric spatial map learning during active navigation”. In this project, he makes use of a mobile brain/body imaging approach to synchronously record full body motion capture with high-density EEG. Here, participants will navigate in a novel maze (visual maze) paradigm with sparse visual information presented via a head mounted display (HMD).

He is interested in how the brain optimizes the outcome of human behavior doing tasks in motion in the physical world.