Zoï Kapoula

Directeur de Recherche au CNRS, chef d'équipe
IRIS, Physiopathologie de la Vision et Motricité Binoculaire
Université Paris Descartes

Zoï KAPOULA is Research Director at the CNRS in the field of cognitive neurosciences. She is responsible of a team whose program focuses on the neurophysiopathology of binocular eye movements in direction and in depth, in relation to vision and brain function, a team founded in 1992 by Zoï Kapoula at the Collège de France, now part of the Federations of Neurosciences at University Paris Descartes (FR3636 – IRIS). Zoï Kapoula is responsible of hospital research programs on eye movements in patients (PHRC), one devoted to children with vertigo (hospital Robert Debré, PHRC VERVE), the other on eye movement behaviour in patients with Alzheimer versus patients with dementia with Lewy body (PHRC OculoMacl, Salpêtrière). She directs the national GDR ESARS (Groupement de REcherche ESthétique Art & Sciences) at the CNRS; she develops a novel research axis on neurophysiology of aesthetics, including eye movement and postural studies in museums. She holds several patents on neurorehabilitation method based on eye movement learning (e.g. US 20120320336,A1). Her transfert of technology projects from laboratory to clinic are currently supported by the SATT Lutech, and by the BPI (AIMA) and the creation of a a startup is planned for the end of 2017.