Antignani Mariateresa

University of Roma La Sapienza, Torvergata, RomaTre

Artist and researcher, graduated from the Department of Visual Arts of Brera Academy, she specializes with a master's degree thesis on Psychology of the Art. She has been conducting an artistic research in conjunction with her psychological and social research, published and presented in various national research contexts (AIP social psychology), and international (IAEA Congress) which aims to promote the combination of artistic research and social sciences. Actually she is attending a Master in Sociology: Methodology, Theory and Social Research.

The research makes use of the typical methodology of the social sciences to investigate and focus on the cultural dynamics, ideological and social phenomena that influence the perception of an Art stimulus.

The last phase of the research focused on creativity aspects present in the conduct and judgment of highly conformist results subjects. It’s a qualitative supplement survey focused on creativity , the aims is to seek the "truth" in the constellation of interaction between subject and object, emphasizing the importance of the individual and its capacity of transformation of reality. The research try to investigates the nature of the creative act and its possible relations with the 'authoritarian ideological apparatus and the army of the state of the social structure.

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