Graduate Trainees

María Martínez

She was born in Málaga (Spain). She attained a bachelor’s degree with honors in Art History from the University of Granada (Spain). After that She undertook a masters in museology over two years at the same university.

She specialized in design and managing exhibition projects with experience in museums and art galleries in Spain. Maria has also been very lucky to have also worked as a cultural manager for several years. She worked also as a journalist in a cultural newspaper.

The curiosity for another culture brought her to the Antipodes, Australia in 2013. First in the city of Melbourne (Victoria) for two years and then Perth (Western Australia), where she lived two year as well. It was here that she encountered the art of the oldest living civilizations in the world: the art of Indigenous Australians. Maria came back to Spain in 2017 and she is organizing an international exhibition between Spain and Australia to bring to Barcelona this amazing art.