David Medine

Brain Products

David Medine was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1982. After studying classical string playing at the Manhattan School of Music, he studied Computer Music at the University of California under the mentorship of Miller Puckette.

His PhD thesis is concerned with implementing methods for building networks of dynamical systems with the purpose of modelling physical networks in which the finite time length inherent to the unit digital audio sample creates a theoretical problem in the case of computer synthesis (this is particularly troublesome when delay-free feedback loops exist). While a graduate student he was also the conductor and music director of the UCSD Chamber Orchestra.

After completing graduate school, he worked for 2 years as a lab engineer in the Swarz Center for Computational Neuroscience at UCSD. During that time, he developed and maintained several important software and hardware projects in support of the EEG research which takes place there. These include Lab Streaming Layer (a software library for recording and synchronizing multi-modal data streams) and the Audiomaze (an augmented reality maze paradigm that combines motion tracking, spatialized audio, and EEG capture).

Since January of 2017, he is a software developer at Brain Products where he works on creating solutions to real-time data flow and digital signal processing problems. When not busy working or learning German, he is still active both as a classical violinist/violist and as an experimental computer musician.

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