Tatiana Sentamans-Gómez

Vice Rector for Culture and University Extension of Miguel Hernández University of Elche (Spain); Associate Professor of the Art Department at Miguel Hernández University of Elche (Spain)

Tatiana Sentamans won the First National Prize for Cultural Research Marqués de Lozoya 08 (XXVII edition, Ministry of Science and Innovation, Goverment of Spain 2008), among other research prizes. She has given talks at more than 20 conferences at universities, research centres and national and international museums, such as her latest contributions in the UV, UPV, the UVigo, the UIMP, l’Université de Toulouse Le Mirail in France, the MUAC in Mexico, the IVAM in Valencia, or the MediaLab Prado, CA2M and MNCARS of Madrid. Her research has resulted in more than 30 scientific publications between papers, book chapters and books, and in more than 80 art exhibitions. She is interested in the political complexity of the popular visual discourses such as cinema and series, music, comics, fanzine, advertising or video games, and ultimately the contemporary iconography and mythologies. Therefore, she has investigated the relationship between art and technology in both conferences and publications.

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